Program Time: 11:15 am – Beginners
Program Location: Basketball court
Program Ages: 5 to 13
Program Cost: $30 Members, $45 Non Members
Contact Info: 617-625-5050



The sport of basketball builds confidence, enthusiasm, stamina, agility and quickness. The concepts of fair play and good sportsmanship are of primary importance in our approach to the game.

Beginners:  11:45 am ages 5-8 only

-Learning the game of basketball

-Learning the basics skills of Shooting, dribbling, passing, and the concept of team game.

-6 1/2 – 8 foot rim available and 10 foot

Intermediate:  12:45 pm ages 9-13 only

-Must have basic knowledge of the game of basketball

-Class will consist of basic basketball drills and mostly scrimmage team games.

-If class size doesn’t exceed 6 participants the class will be cancelled.