• Reservations are required for Lap and Family Swim
  • Swim caps and bathing suits are mandatory
  • Showers must be taken prior to entering pool
  • Children 6 and younger must be accompanied by an adult in the pool during Family Swim.
  • All Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the pool area during Family Swim.
  • Band aids must be removed prior to swimming
  • No running on pool deck
  • Lifeguard on duty may decide what equipment is available to use
  • Please see complete pool rule list in the pool area


The Somerville Y has established a code of conduct in keeping with our mission.  In order to provide a positive atmosphere at the Somerville Y it is essential that all participants:

  • Show respect for other participants and staff
  • Avoid altercations and fighting
  • Avoid the us of abusive or offensive language
  • Abide by the posted regulations in activity areas

Violations of the Code Of Conduct may be grounds for suspension of membership privileges. Repeated or flagrant violations will be grounds for permanent revocation of membership privileges. Terminated memberships will not be refunded.

Camera and Cell Phone Usage

The Y believes in protecting the privacy of all members and guests.  We ask that:                 

*Members & guests do not use the camera functions while in the Y.  Cell phones are NOT allowed in any Y locker room or restroom.    

*Members should immediately report any concerns related to others using cameras.