Program Time:
The program will be open from 7:45am-5:45pm, Monday-Friday, from June 26th – August 11th. Drop-off will be between 7:45am – 8:45am.

Program Ages:
5* to 13
*must be 6 by 9/1/2023

Program Cost:
$250.00 per Weekly Session

Contact Info:

  • Billing and Voucher Info:
  • Other Info: Somerville YMCA at 617-625-5050




Link to Application:

Summer 2023 Program Enrollment Form

Summer 2023 Program Brochure


Our Weekly themes June 26th – August 11th:

·         Superheroes 

·         Water, water everywhere 

·         Where the wild things are 

·         Around the world

·         Y Olympics

·         Time Travelers

·         Outer space 

Coming this Summer our STEAM Programing will be provided by Wicked Cool Science for Kids!

Two examples of their projects/curriculum:

Lego Engineering 

What LEGO challenges do kids love?  Our LEGO Engineering program includes STEM-based challenges and free-building challenges.  We will build mechanisms that incorporate gears, flywheels, and cams to build amazing contraptions. We’ll crank up the fun using creativity to build with LEGOs in problem solving challenges. Kids design a spinning eggbeater and create a car to carry LEGO bricks.  Make it a full day! Merge LEGOs with machine power to create a power car, dragster, and dog bot!


Wicked Cool Med School

Is there a doctor in the house? Follow the progress of your own “patient” all week as we journey into the inner workings of the human body. Keep medical charts and become an anatomy specialist while learning the body systems. Create a “slime” cell, big bones, moving joints, and 3-D eyeballs. Learn to use a stethoscope, take vitals signs, and investigate digestion!  Make it a full day!  Create model mucus, extract DNA and experiment with senses.