Program Time: Wednesday Evenings
Beginner/Intermediate Classes 8:00 pm
Program Location: Pool
Program Ages: 14 and over
Program Cost: $35 Members, $100 Non Members
Contact Info: call 617-625-5050

Bathing caps are required while in the pool

Current session:

February 19 to March 25, 2020

Registration starts February 12

Next session will be April 1, 2020

Registration starts March 16, 2020

All classes are a six week session

Adult Beginner

This class is for adults who have little swimming experience or are not comfortable in the water. We will start with walking in the shallow end of the pool and work on submersion, floatation, and balance. Our eventual goals are comfort with movement and swimming up to 10 -15 ft. This is a 30-minute class.

Adult Intermediate

We will not be having an intermediate class at this time.

This class is for adults who are comfortable in deep water and able to swim at least 40-yards. This class is taught primarily in the deep end and going the length of the pool. We will learn or refine freestyle,  breaststroke, and backstroke. Open turns and dolphin kick are also taught. This is a 30-minute class.