Dear Member:

I’m taking a minute to write a quick note to the membership.  As you know, things are improving in Massachusetts and Governor Baker has begun Phase 3 of his reopening plan.  This is very good news for our Y and our membership.  What is not clear to a lot of people is the city’s final say over when we do open.  Somerville is taking a more cautious approach with reopening fitness centers, even though the state is allowing everyone except Boston to open.  Somerville is working on a set of guidelines for Somerville fitness centers.

Somerville notified us that the earliest we could open is July 13, 2020.  That date is the earliest, not the 13th for sure.  I am writing you this note on Wednesday the 8th and, at this time, we have not received any of the city’s guidelines or a date that we can reopen.

We are very pleased to be open for some of our youth programs.  Right now, we are running our SACC Summer program at 1/3 capacity (60 children instead of 180).  Also at this time, our Preschool is open at 60% capacity (20 children instead of 34).  It’s great to have some of the children back in our building and enjoying themselves.  The residents are doing well and we continue to monitor and support them as necessary.

What we do know is coming to the Y is going to be very different, just like going any place is very different.  We will designate the hours of 8:30 – 10am for seniors, which will include the cardio fitness room, weight room and track   High school students will have from 2-3:30pm and use the weight room.  I know that everyone is going to wear face coverings.  We are spacing out the equipment as best we can.  We are using half of the basketball court for some equipment, mostly free weights, some bikes and stairmasters.  We have a sanitation disinfecting plan in place.  We are confident in these areas.

We are planning on updating our website ( to keep everyone informed of the latest information.  Please feel free to call with any questions.  Once again, we are thanking you for your support and asking for your cooperation going forward.

I know we will be seeing everyone soon, I just can’t give you a date right now.



William R. Murphy

Executive Director